1st LIIP Fun Run: a good head start
Advocating the spirit of fun and the concern for general health, the Laguna International Industrial Park Association started off on the right foot with its 1st LIIP Fun Run last July 1, 2011. READ MORE

LIIP plants the seeds for a better environment
In June 2011, the Laguna International Industrial Park together with Barangay Officials broke new ground in fulfilling its social responsibility. Taking the green initiative, LIIP is planting saplings of mahogany trees. READ MORE

Libre Pabunot Program takes free dental care to the community
The Laguna International Industrial Park’s Admin Office and Leadership Manpower Agency reached out to the surrounding communities, offering free dental extraction and consultation. READ MORE

Tax awareness gets an update from Punongbayan & Araullo
On March 18, 2011, the Laguna International Industrial Park Admin Office enlisted the services of Punongbayan and Araullo to update LIIP locators with the most recent rules and regulations governing Income Tax Return preparation and filing reminders for non-PEZA-registered companies. READ MORE

LIIP says safety and environment first
Putting a premium on safety in the work place and the environment, the Laguna International Industrial Park arranged for an environmental and safety seminar on February 2, 2011. READ MORE

Another Winning Season Begins
The LIIP 2011 Basketball & Volleyball Inter-Company Tournament tipped off on October 14. READ MORE


Locator profiles: companies operating in LIIP

Locator profile: Transitions Optical and Optodev, Inc.

The leading manufacturer of transition optical lenses, the company exports to both Western and European countries, a testament to the quality of production run by the company.

Locator profile: Gardenia Bakeries, Philippines, Inc.

A renowned multinational, Gardenia Bakeries set up its state-of-the-art bread factory rated as the most modern large scale bread manufacturing facility at LIIP. The Gardenia brand of bakery products include loaves, buns and toasts, and snack cakes and is found across supermarkets, groceries, convenience and variety stores in Luzon and Cebu in the south of the Philippines.