The Laguna International Industrial Park: Center for doing business better in the Philippines

The Philippines has emerged as an even more viable choice as a base for production.

The vital factors that determine the decision of where to establish a production headquarters have always been present as a strong attraction to locators worldwide. All together, the strategic location, the educated, highly-trainable, English-speaking work force, complete system of laws, incentives and guarantees and the reasonably low labor cost make for a unique value proposition.

In recent years, the value of the Philippines as a location investment has risen with the increased infrastructure support including the vital areas of telecommunications and transportation.

In fact, the Laguna International Industrial Park”s present locators who initially saw the potential of the Philippines and particularly of doing business right here, are now reaping the benefits of world class facilities, economic zone incentives and more.

Company Profile


To be one of the leading Industrial Estate through excellent service and world-class facilities


LIIP is dedicated to provide a workplace with quality infrastructure, support facilities, and safe environment for technology-based, light and support industries.

LIIP Environmental Policy

LIIP is committed to provide cost effective environmental management services for all locators and reduce overall risks and environmental liability through systematic and continuous environmental improvement to enhance the competitive advantage of the Estate.

LIIP at a glance

Located at Mamplasan, Binan, Laguna, LIIP is 32 close kilometers from Metro Manila. The Park is an expanse that covers a total 117 hectares. 30 hectares is allocated to the Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA.)

LIIP operates a complete range of facilities, including power, telecommunications, water, roads, a centralized Sewerage Treatment Plant and more.