1st LIIP Fun Run a good head start

Advocating the spirit of fun and the concern for general health, the Laguna International Industrial Park Association started off on the right foot with its 1st LIIP Fun Run last July 1, 2011. The Fun Run was a 4-kilometer distance coursed within the LIIP perimeter.

The runners, an eager group of around 325 employees from 20 companies, got things going with 15 minutes of calisthenics to warm up after assembling together at the LIIP Admin Parking Lot at 3 p.m.

As the clock struck 4, the runners took their first sprinting steps, officially marking off the first in what is envisioned as many Fun Runs for the LIIP community.

Putting together the event, Gardenia Bakeries, Philippines, Universal Robina Corporation, Leadership Manpower Agency, and Right Eight Security Agency, harnessed their resources to stage the eagerly participated event.

At the finish line, the first Fun Run champions took their place in LIIP history. For the men’s division, Mr. Willer Sumampil of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines breasted the tape first. For the women’s division, Ms. Mayln Casi of Transitions Optical Philippines broke away from the rest of the pack as the Women’s Champion.

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